Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I purchase Life Insurance with Basicover's assistance, must I go with the company that is recommended or am I free to choose another Insurer?

A: Since Basicover it is not tied to any particular Life Office, you would be free to choose any of these companies; AIA Life, AMP Life, Asteron Life, BT, ClearView Life, Comminsure Life, MLC Life, One Path, TAL & Zurich Life.

Q: Must I purchase the amount of insurance recommended by Basicover or am I free to make my own decision regarding my insurance protection needs?

A: You should bear in mind that an Insurance Adviser is required to recommend an amount of Insurance to cover as much of your "replacement value" as possible. As your life is priceless, the premium for such Insurance is incalculable. Therefore, a sensible approach is to carry as much Insurance as you can reasonably afford.

Q: Come claim time, how quickly will an Insurance Company pay out?

A: Before an Insurance Company can pay out on a Life Insurance policy, it will require the production of

  • 1 - Proof of age (birth certificate or passport),
  • 2 - Policy document and
  • 3 - Death Certificate.

Proof of age maybe acknowledged at any time after an Insurance Policiy is issued.
With regard to claims relating to Accident and Illness, Total and Permanent Disability & Trauma policies, doctors' reports will be necessary.

Q: How accurate are the Insurance benefits and premiums that are illustrated elsewhere in this website?

A: The figures shown are approximations. However, they have been calculated conservatively. Naturally, your medical history and sports & pastime activities it will also have a bearing on the Insurance Company's risk acceptance terms.

Q: If I am replacing Insurance coverage, how soon can I discontinue an existing policy?

A: It is important that, before you terminate any existing policies, you have in your possession written confirmation that new protection is in force.